Posted by: Juniper Road | April 11, 2013

The Roswell Incident

There are millions of stars in our own galaxy, and millions of galaxies. Each star is a sun, creating warmth and a catalyst of energy that could sustain life much like our own sun. In 1947, there was a crash northwest of Roswell, New Mexico that involved local farmers, regional police, the U.S. military, and alien visitors. The information is choppy, credibility is on the line with every word, pictures are open to ridicule, and social perception and technology of the time often impedes having an open mind. This is not new information. Elvis fans go to Graceland, I went to Roswell.

The Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center is located on Main Street. A Main Street that has alien head lamp posts, “theme” souvenir shops, and plenty of green visitor signage. For the most part, the town has done an OK job on profiting from their history. However, not all who reside in Roswell seem happy to have the connection. At the museum, I decided moments before purchasing my ticket that three hours may not be enough time to see it all, but went in anyway. Let’s not be crazy.

The display begins with a timeline of those 1947 events. A variety of authenticated documents and artifacts line the floors and wall. Weather balloon pieces from the era, a scale model of the impact site, recorded radio broadcast alerting the public, and all kinds of equipment that illustrate the technology of the time. Moving through the exhibit, I was exited to learn about an excavation of the crash site I the early 90’s, but despite a truck load of soil samples being removed from the site there was no testing conclusions given from that dig. Honestly, when the information stops, I turn on the conspiracy switch. Part museum, part research center, I received an overview on a few things not specific to the famous crash.

They have a section explaining the different levels of “encounters”. The first kind is simply seen in the sky, the second kind is a landing or personnel on the ground, and the third kind is defined by an interaction. The exhibit on implants left me a little uneasy due to the size of material removed from subjects. We’re talking small, like maybe half the size of a small grain of rice. Information on crop circles, ancient civilizations and their documentation of visitors, planetary alignment and layout, the modern day space program and even an artists gallery with contemporary works on display is presented.

The research center aspect implies continued information gathering. In addition to a small theater with a full daily schedule of movies, there is a library. The library has additional video potential, cassette-taped interviews, retail toy culture, and cases filled with books. The exhibit, theater, and library give this stop the potential to abduct several days of your time. Throw in a convention with professors, guest speakers, authorities on space and mind, and zap! I could be gone for a week.

There are answers to questions in Roswell, and sometimes the answers are more questions. In the age of pushing buttons to change room temperature, get crushed ice, or send a letter across the globe in seconds… I didn’t have the patience to have my questions entertained or fulfilled at this time. Roswell was a bigger town than I expected, with all kinds of things to do that aren’t alien related. However, if you find yourself in the area, it’s a no brainer to stop in and enhance your lifetime experiences with a visit to the UFO Museum. With every situation you take away the information you want. You may find undeniable confirmation or potential discredit, but in every case you are in charge of what you want to believe. May the force be with you to provide comfort without fear, and know “they” are part of our loving galactic family.



  1. Love your take on this:). Something tells me we are “not alone”!! Perhaps the aliens even live among us – could be:)

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